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Red Ball FAQ

We evaluate each child individually, and there are criteria for moving to OB. A child must be hitting topspin on both their Forehand and Backhand ground strokes. They must be using a full motion on their serve and a continental grip. The child must be able to rally and play a point with an understanding of the rules and scoring. Maturity plays a part as well. A child must be able to move and cover the 78-foot court, which can be a challenge at this age.

Yes, it is not a bad idea to occasionally use a different ball to practice. It makes the transition easier when moving up to the next group.

No, it is not too early, but we recommend that the format be short and that there be an opportunity to play several different players so that there is the chance to "win some and lose some." Playing points and matches helps evaluate where the child is in their development and what they need to work on.

Orange Ball FAQ

Our desired ratio is 6-1. However, ratios can vary due to varied circumstances, i.e., rain days, kids out sick, kids making up missed days, etc. However, by the end of the season, the ratio will have averaged 6-1.

You can make up any missed day as long as it is within the same month.

Your child may be ready to move out of the orange ball when he or she has mastered all the perimeters required of the orange ball and can physically, mentally, and emotionally handle the requirements of the next level. He or she MAY also age out the group into the launch program (11 years old, roughly) to further their tennis interests.

Please keep in mind that we prefer the advanced players to enjoy their top spots for several months as it is advantageous for the other players to visually learn from them, just as our advancing players will learn and be challenged by those in the next group up.

We do give discounts; however, they are applied to members only, and discounts are not applied during the summer camps. As a member, you will receive a 25% discount for the second child and 50% for any additional children.

Green Ball FAQ

Orange/Green Dot Advanced is under the Academy umbrella and prepares your 10 and under child for a smooth transition into our Academy program. Here we will replicate Academy training but tailor it for the younger age groups.

Academy Program Directors evaluate players individually on a case-by-case basis to determine program placement. Private lessons are highly recommended once accepted, but are not a requirement. Equipment will be the only requirement that is based on USTA rules. More Info:

Yes, non-members can participate in this program at the non-member pricing. We also highly encourage all parents & students to come to participate once in any of our programs at no charge. Please contact program directors directly before attending by calling (972) 233-4444

Launch FAQ

The Launch Tennis Program is a combination of Green Dot and Yellow balls. The program is designed for entry-level teenagers and Pre-Academy level players, as well as Orange ball graduates.

The program is designed for players ages 10–15 years old

  1. When the player's entire stroke production and grip are correct
  2. When the player is knowledgeable regarding the rules and etiquette of the game
  3. When the player starts competing in Team Tennis, DPTA tournaments, UTR tournament, or USTA Challengers
  4. When the player is able physically to practice for 2.5 hours, plus conditioning. Academy is physically demanding
  5. When the player's attitude is mature and appropriate

Academy FAQ

We do offer tournament coaching. We travel to Challenger, Champs, and Super Champ tournaments. Furthermore, we travel to all national, super national, and ITF tournaments if requested by a player.

Once a player commits to our program, we design a well throughout Developmental plan. We walk you through daily, weekly, and monthly practice plans. After this process is complete, we design a tournament schedule that would benefit your child the most.

Yes, we do offer a homeschooling program. We have a well-equipped classroom as well as 2 tutors. Please see our homeschool page for more information.

In our home school program, our ratio is 1:4/5. The afternoon academy ratio is 1:7.

Whether your child aspires to play at a top Division 1 University or if their interests are directed towards academics and tennis, we can help guide them through the necessary steps to attain their goals. Our coaching staff experience will help showcase your player's abilities through a college recruitment video. The strong relationship between our Academy staff and the collegiate coaching community provides our players with a greater advantage over other academies during their selection process.

We do offer travel teams to Champs, super champs, national, super national, and ITF tournaments.

Absolutely not. Our academy includes those who compete in Challenger through international level tournaments. We have specifically designed programs for all different levels/ ages.